VENUE | Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre

ADDRESS | Herbert Street, Cambridge Park, NSW 2747

PARKING | On site parking available.

DATE | Wednesday 28 September, 2016

TIME | 9.30AM – 2:30PM

FOOD / DRINK FACILITIES | There is a small canteen on site which sells typical food such as hot chips, sausage rolls or pies, lollies, drinks, etc. If you’d like something healthier it would pay to bring your food with you or eat beforehand.


Please visit our eligibility page to determine if you’re entitled to compete in this sport.


Equipment: Shuttlecocks are provided. Competitors need to bring their own racquets. We also recommend bringing a water bottle and joggers.



Rules: Tournament will be governed by International Badminton Federation rules (, except as modified herein.

Format: Competition in male and female singles, doubles and mixed doubles (mixed open age category) and in junior male and junior female singles. Single elimination tournament, best of three games to 9 points.
Equipment: Shuttlecocks are provided. Competitors will be required to bring their own racquets.

Doubles Notes:
If there is not sufficient time to play normal doubles, then the social format will apply. List of competitors with number of games won is put against their name at the end of each 4 games.