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Thanks for enquiring about media opportunities for the Australian Transplant Games. Here you’ll find general information about the Games, promotional artwork and materials including: our television commercial for the Games, the Gifted campaign, case studies, brochures and more.

If you require anything further, or would like to know about transplant athletes from your area, please reach out to Jess in our Marketing and Communications team.


The Australian Transplant Games is the country’s most inspirational sporting event. They unite all those touched by transplantation and showcase their renewed health through an exciting week of sports and promotional activities.

For transplant recipients the Games are a way to say thanks for their second chance at life, and for donor families, a way to honour their loved one’s gift. Most recipients never know who their donor is and likewise, donor families don’t know the recipients of their loved one’s organs. The Games bring everyone together.

The Games highlight the benefits of organ and tissue donation to the Australian public. Media coverage gets Australian households talking about their donation decisions, which is crucial to increasing organ donation rates.


Promotion of the Games and individual participants sparks conversation about this important social health issue – organ and tissue donation. Every Games participant has their own individual story, all with the common message of gratitude to their donors and donor families. Athletes at the Games are ‘living -proof’ of the amazing gift of life that organ and tissue donation is.


  • Register your donation decision on the Australian Organ Donor Register online at and tell your loved ones.
  • Organ and tissue donation is the ultimate gift – just one organ and tissue donor can transform the lives of ten or more people.
  • The Australian Transplant Games are the country’s most inspirational sporting event.
  • There are currently more than 1,600 people on the waiting list.
  • Donor families are Australian heroes saving the lives of fellow Aussies.

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