During the course of the 2016 Australian Transplant Games we will be hosting a number of social events including luncheons, dinners and entertainment. Each of these events are detailed on the Schedule of Events and attendance will incur costs. You may nominate the social events which you would like to attend in the registration process.

Let’s Get Social

LUNCHEONS: To make the 2016 Games most affordable, we will not be including any compulsory prepaid luncheons in the registration System. However, at events that take place over the lunch period, the caterers at the various venues require us to provide them with an indication of how many lunches will be purchased on the day. Adult lunches apply to 12 years and over and Junior lunches apply to children who are 11 years and under. By indicating below the days you wish to purchase lunch it will ensure that sufficient luncheons will be available to buy. You can also complete the Dietary information which will help in ensuring that the caterers can comply with such special needs as gluten free, vegetarian and vegan. Dietary requirements can be specified under the Personal Information section. Note: Lunches are available to those competing on the day as well as those who are spectators. Luncheons are to be paid for at the venue at the time of ordering your lunch.

There is a special Welcome Lunch BBQ on Sunday 25th September which is free to all registrants but you will still need to indicate that you are attending.

DINNERS/SOCIAL EVENTS are available on the following evenings: