VENUE | Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre

ADDRESS | Herbert Street, Cambridge Park, NSW 2747

PARKING | On site parking available.

DATE | Tuesday 27 September, 2016

TIME | 7:00PM – 9:30PM

FOOD / DRINK FACILITIES | There is a small canteen on site which sells typical food such as hot chips, sausage rolls or pies, lollies, drinks, etc. If you’d like something healthier it would pay to bring your food with you or eat beforehand.



Please visit our eligibility page to determine if you’re entitled to compete in this sport.


Water bottle and joggers.



Tournament will be governed by Federation Internationale de Volleyball rules State teams are comprised of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 players with at least one female on the court for each team at all times.
Matches will be two out of three to 25 points (3rd to 15); rally scoring; no time limit. Teams may choose to use a libero to replace a player in the back row. The libero is required to wear a different colour shirt. Up to six substitutions are allowed per game. A woman must be on court at all times during the match.

Format:   The first round will be played as a “round – robin” where each team in a group plays against each other in the group. The top team(s) in each group will then progress to the knock-out stages, which will use standard seeding procedures. For all matches up to and including the medal rounds, matches will be two out of three to 25 points (3rd to 15); rally scoring; no time limit.


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